What is Asian handicap betting?

What is Asian handicap betting? Today we explore the system that allows you to bet on both teams with equal odds thus allowing you to win more of your bets.

Before we can answer this question it’s important that we all understand what the purpose of handicapping is in betting.

Handicapping in betting is a way of making a sports event even. The point of this is to make the game/match more interesting than it usually would be.

A handicap bet is used in a points-based sport like football, basketball, rugby, tennis etc

You are giving one side of the bet advantage whilst the other side of the bet is set at a disadvantage.

Therefore, one of the opponents will seem more appealing to the punters.

Now, what is Asian handicap betting?

This is a type of handicap offered to all punters betting on football matches. In theory, the purpose behind Asian handicap betting is so that both teams will have equal odds of winning.

For standard betting, the possibilities of each outcome are more often than not set at 33%. As for Asian handicap betting, you will be eliminating a draw result.

Asian Handicap Betting

What Is Asian Handicap Betting & How Can I Start Using It?

At a glance, Asian handicap betting might seem impossible to grasp. Fear not, we’re here to break it down into bite size pieces.

Let’s start with some basics;

In a football match, there are two teams.

These two teams might seem the same but at a closer look, they have a few dispositional and situational factors among them;

  • Historical Performance
  • Form
  • Home Field Advantage
  • Financial Strength
  • Player Availability (suspensions or even injuries)

What this all means is that bookmakers research the competing teams and in turn interpret them when setting their odds for the different betting markets.

They set the implied probability of winning a game.

At times, you will notice that the difference between the two is staggering. This results in the favoured team to have low odds.

The Asian handicapping market reacts to this by evening out the playing field and removing the draw option. This results in better odds for punters.

So how is this done?

As you may have noticed while browsing the odds of a particular football match is a + / - sign in front of a given odd.

Example : Team A +1.5 / Team B - 2.0

The favourite team will be denoted a negative sign whilst the underdog has a positive sign at the front.

Are Asian Handicap Bets A One Size Fits All?

Well, not exactly.

The reason that Asian handicaps might seem perplexed is that there are many forms. The Asian handicap bet expresses itself in various ways.

We will go through each type and explain how they can be used.

# 1. The 0 Asian Handicap

This kind of Asian handicap bet takes place when either of the team winning has the same chances. Both teams begin with 0 goals, meaning you are placing money on the overall winner of the match.

In this case, you would be betting without the draw being an option. You will only win if your selected team wins.

In the event of a draw, your stake is returned to your bankroll.

#2. The 1 Asian Handicap

This is the -1 handicapped selection. That -1 means that your team needs to win by a minimum of 2 clear goals for you to claim your winnings.

Should the match end by your chosen team only scoring one goal, then your wager will be refunded.

If you’re on the other side of the fence and choose a team who has a one goal lead ( +1), then you will only cash out if they win the match or come draw.

Should your team lose the match by even one goal then you will be fully refunded.

This kind of bet is ideal if you want to bet on the underdog. The great part is that, if your predictions are wrong and they score at least one goal you still won’t lose you stakes.

#3. The 1.5 Asian Handicap

The next Asian handicap is concerned with the punter winning only if the handicapped team wins by two or more goals.

Therefore, if you place your money on the -1.5 handicapped team you will only cash out if that team wins with a minimum of two goals.

If you choose to support the team starting with a +1.5, then you will win if the team wins the match or comes draw. In this case, you will also win if they lose by one goal.

Simply put;

-1 is the first half of your bet. You will win if your selection wins by 2 goals or more. You will get this half of your stake refunded if your selection wins by 1 goal and you will lose this half if your selection draws or loses.

-1.5 is the second part of your bet and your selection is given a -1.5 handicap. You will win your bet if your selection wins by 2 goals or more. This half of your bet will lose if your selection wins by 1 goal, draws or loses.

#4. The Double Asian Handicap Explained

In double handicap betting the wager is split into two.

Example; Browns ( -1 /2 , -1) vs Reds ( + ½ , +1)

Normally the double Asian handicaps are expressed as decimals, eg -0.75.

#5. Double Handicap 0, 0.5

This kind of Asian handicap bet is also referred to as the level half Asian handicap, -0.25 or +0.25.

For this bet, if you place stakes on the team which is 0,- 0.5 on the handicap than you will win only if the team wins by more than one goal or more.

If the result is a draw, you will lose 50% of the stake. The remaining percent of the stake will be returned.

If you choose the opposition which is 0,+0.5 than you cash out if your team wins the match.

Should they come draw, half of your stake is returned.

The -0.5 handicap is where your selection gets -0.5 goals added to the total. So if your selection wins you win the bet, if your selection loses or draws you will lose the bet.

#6. Asian Handicap -1.75 or -1.5,-2

The -1.5,-2 handicap is an Asian handicap that splits your stake into two separate bets.

The first of your bets will be on the -1.5 handicap and the second bet is on the -2 handicap.

The -1.5 handicap of the bet will win if your selection wins by 2 goals or more. You will only lose this half of the bet if your selection wins by 1 goal, handicap draws or loses.

The -2 of the bet will be successful if your selection wins by 3 or more goals. You will get this half of your stake refunded if your selection wins by 2 goals exactly and you will lose if your selection wins by 1 goal, draws or loses.

#7. Asian handicap -2

The -2 Asian handicap is where your selection is given a handicap of -2 goals.

If your selection wins by 3 goals or more you will win your bet. If your selection wins by 2 goals exactly you will have your stake refunded.

If your selection wins by 1 goal, draws or loses you will lose your bet.

Asian Handicap Betting

Final Words

We hope that his comprehensive guide to What is Asian handicap betting has clarified some of your queries when using this kind of bet.

Now that you have a better idea of the full intention of handicapping, you can begin applying these betting strategies to your next bet.

Asian handicap betting provides an alternative and more lucrative way to trade on football markets. This could be the edge your betting pursuit was looking for. It can be a smarter way to trade, giving you a wider range of opportunities to find value and increase your return on investments over time.

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