Virtual greyhound betting: how to place your first bet

Learn how you can place your first bet on virtual greyhound bet and benefit from the events that are held every couple of minutes. This soon became a pursuit enjoyed by enjoyed by millions, striking the perfect balance between watching the thrill of the race and also taking home some extra cash.

Greyhound racing can be traced back to the 1920s, making it one of the most sought after sports in the world. People would make their way to tracks and watch the dogs race around the track in hopes to catch the mechanical rabbit.

As the sport grew in popularity, people began placing bets on the dogs and the sport grew and grew from there on out.

This soon became a pursuit enjoyed by enjoyed by millions, striking the perfect balance between watching the thrill of the race and also taking home some extra cash.

Fast forward to the 21st century and greyhound racing is still a thriving sport enjoyed by the same amount of fans.

However, as with most things today we have managed to digitalise this great sport and create a virtual version of greyhound racing and thus virtual greyhound betting.

virtual greyhound betting

Although you won’t need to worry as live greyhound racing is still available but only at specific events, unlike virtual greyhound racing which is more readily available.

What’s more is that you can enjoy a greyhound race from the comfort of your own home. The short dog races are brought to bettors by a random number generator and the odds of each dog will demonstrate the chances of winning.

In this article, we will talk about the how virtual greyhound betting works and where you can bet online to benefit from the all year round greyhound betting action.

How Does Virtual Greyhound Betting Work?

If you’re interested in understanding how you can begin placing bets on virtual greyhound races than it’s imperative that you understand the right theory behind the sport.

You would be right in assuming that the virtual greyhound races resemble the real life things however there are a few differences which will affect the way you place a bet.

Here are a few of the key differences:

  1. You will not be able to predict the outcome of a race from the physical appearance of the dog since it is computer generated
  2. You will also need to dismiss the environment as it is all digital, which is actually a great advantage
  3. Your bets are based on the odds that have been pre-determined

Virtual Greyhound Betting Benefits

If like us you're still a bit hesitant about virtual greyhound racing and what it has to offer these advantages will help you decide if it’s worth placing your money on the sport.

Firstly the races are held throughout the year as the weather and the condition of the dog have no effect on the quality of the races.

Secondly, virtual greyhound races is, of course, less stressful on the dogs as they are digital interpretations of the actual thing.

Thirdly and most importantly, there are little to no disruptions in the virtual greyhound races. The usual independent variables like the weather, illness, injuries or bad weather conditions are ruled.

Placing An Online Bet On Virtual Greyhound Racing

As virtual greyhound racing gains popularity around the world, a host of bookmakers have jumped on board and opened betting markets for punters to bet on virtual greyhounds today.

So if the weather is unfavourable, or you can’t visit a local racing track than virtual greyhound racing is a great option. What’s more is that you can join chat rooms and forums for virtual racing and actively participate in which races are trending and worth placing your money on.

The next things you'll need is an online bookmaker. This involves careful consideration of what you need as a punter according to your betting style, also a bookmaker that accepts your country of residence and currency.

There are various bookmakers so it might take a while but you can check out the review section here at Alpha Sports Betting, where we have searched whilst also tried and tested these bookmakers for ourselves.

Dedicate some time to finding a bookmaker as they will be one of the main reasons your bets either prosper or fail, which will directly affect a number of profits you ultimately make.

virtual greyhound racing

Where To Place Your Bet

The majority of online bookmakers offer betting markets on virtual greyhound racing. Once you choose which bookmaker you feel most comfortable with you will then proceed to place a type of bet.

Here are some of the bets you can place on virtual greyhound betting:

  • Place a 'safe' bet on a dog with short odds (2/1, 3/1 etc)
  • Take a risk on a dog with longer odds (9/1 etc)

Here is the number 1 bookmaker that offers virtual horse Greyhound betting odds:

William Hill:

William Hill is one of the superior bookmakers for virtual greyhound racing. Races take place every three minutes, which means that whilst you’re reading this a race would have started and finished.

Rest assured that you will never wait to place a bet on virtual greyhound betting again thanks to William Hill.

You can begin betting with as little as 3p, making William Hill virtual greyhound attainable for any level bettor.

Although this is a virtual sport you will still need to employ Greyhound betting strategies in order to win and to win more regularly.

You are guaranteed to always find a race ready to run at “Long Hare Hill” - William Hill’s fabulous virtual greyhound racing track. William Hill Virtual Dog racing offers the same great odds and a cracking range of markets - just what you would expect from the leader in sports betting.

What’s more is that at William Hill you can press the Turbo Bet option and sprint straight to the photo finish. This is all made very accessible thanks to the well-laid website with is straightforward to navigate.

 virtual greyhound betting


Virtual Greyhound betting is a fantastic way to keep your love of the sport going throughout the year as virtual greyhound races take place every day of the year.

You can place a bet at William Hill today and see your instant returns on one of the dogs which are computer generated. The great thing about virtual greyhound betting is that a lot of the usual 'live' variable that you would find in greyhound racing is ruled out.

The only thing you need to worry about is which race to place your money on, the rest is plain sailing.

We hope that this guide to virtual greyhound betting has been a help, if you would like more information like this, sign up to our newsletter for free!

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