Nations League 2022-23 winner: odds and probabilities before Round 5

The Netherlands, Spain and Germany have the highest chances of winning the 2022-23 UEFA Nations League, prior to the Round 5 of the group stage, according to the top sports betting sites.

The Dutch team sits undefeated atop the group A4. They have played a total of four matches, three of which were won, while one was a draw. The Netherlands have recorded zero losses and have thus amassed a total of 10 points. The team, having netted 11 shots, has the highest number of goals scored in the group. The Netherlands have their odds at 4.40 (+340 American; 17/5 Fractional), which equals a probability of 22.73%.

The Spanish team comes just behind, topping group A2, with four matches; two of which were won, while the other two were draws. Spain has accumulated eight points, and has scored the second highest number of goals, in its group. The team has its odds at 5.00 (+400; 4/1), equaling a probability of about 20%.

Germany is just at the heels of Spain. Unlike the previous two, the Germans have been unable to dethrone Hungary from the top of the A3 group. They have played four matches; coming out with just one win and three draws. Germany has just six points, but has scored the highest goals in its group. The odds for the German team are at 5.75 (+475; 19/4), which equals an approximate probability of 17.4%.

The chance of any other team winning the UEFA Nations League is around 10% or lower.

And the first fixture of Round 5 will start on Thursday, 22 September 2022 at 3:00 p.m. GMT.

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