How to bet on the Royal Ascot horse racing

The Royal Ascot can be traced back to 1711 when Queen Anne established what is today known to be the most decorated horse race in history.

ascot poem

This is an excerpt from a poem written by Henry Birtles for the Royal Ascot. He has perfectly captured the entire mood that the Royal Ascot creates. This is a sport event which has over the years generated a lot of attention.

Not only for the principal level of horse racing but also to the thousands of fans it attracts each year. Whilst women are sporting some of the most flamboyant hats you have ever seen.

This most definitely a date you will want to mark down in your calendar.

This is race meeting where you will want to be seen, for any social climber reading this. Amongst the crowd you will find royal watchers, fun seekers, high society elites and horse-racing enthusiasts.

The Royal Ascot can be traced back to 1711 when Queen Anne established what is today known to be the most decorated horse race in history.

The Royal Ascot incorporates a horse- drawn procession from Windsor Castle to Ascot Racecourse led by the royal carriage.

It’s safe to say that this event is as regal as it gets and and spares no detail in anything British . Showcasing the high life as the Monarch herself had originally intended.

Over 300,000 people make the annual visit to Berkshire during Royal Ascot week, making this Europe’s best-attended race meeting. There are eighteen group races on offer, with at least one Group One event on each of the five days.

When Does the Royal Ascot Return ?

The Royal Ascot is scheduled to take place on Tuesday June 20 and concludes on Saturday June 24. For each day of races there will be six flat events and eight Group One Races.

The first race begins at 2:30 and the last race is at 5:35 with six races per day. On Thursday the 22nd of june there is the main event, where the top horse will be awarded the Gold Cup Race.

The Ascot attracts many of the world's best racehorses, who will compete for more than £6.5 million in prize money. Expect plenty of fancy hats, champagne and cocktails for the 300,000 expected visitors going to Berkshire throughout the week.

How Can You Place a Bet ?

In the case that you’re new to horse betting, here we have decided to break it down in bite size portions.

First things first; Be a sponge.

What we mean is that you need look up all the competing horses. Then you need to allocate time into reading as information that you can about the horse you prefer. Read their history, any health records you can find and their race outcome with certain jockeys. Look through the Race Card or Racing Post to select which horse you fancy.

2. After you have chosen the horse you would like to place money on, you will need to decide whether you want to bet ‘To Win’. In this case you will need the selected horse to finish the race in first place.

Or you could opt to bet on another kind of bet, the ‘Each Way’ bet. This will give you the flexibility for the horse chosen to finish the race in either the the first two, three or four, depending on how many runners there are in the race.

You should know that the ‘Each Way’ kind of bet is pricier than the ‘To Win’ bet, as you are placing one bet on the horse to win and another bet on the horse to be placed.

3. Choose from the different bookmakers that have the best odds for your selected horses.

Handicap Tips

There are many handicaps at Royal Ascot, usually although not exclusively after each showpiece race each day. This simply means that the favourite horses who have won their last race or performed exceedingly well will be a handicap favourite.

Horses who have won or placed in the weeks or months leading up to Royal Ascot may be sub time into reading as information that you can about the horse you prefer. are pinned as a favourite will unfortunately end up being valued as poor.

Since the bookmakers continually shorten the popular horses, you the punter can take advantage of this. Place your money on the lengthening odds of horse who are in good form from last year or previous races.

Keep in mind, that any handicap with 16 or more runners pays four places. Thus always look for the each-way value. Some firms may even pay fifth place!

Royal Ascot Two Year- Old Races

As a rule of thumb horse racing trainers do not have their horses all geared up to win.

Some trainers decided to introduce their horses slowly, so don’t be put off if you see a horse with the form figures 41 or 21. Trainers might have trained a horse specifically to peak on the day of the race.

For example; Aidan O’Brien is a trainer who likes to bring his horses along slightly slower. His horse Waterloo Bridge had form figures of 6321 before winning a Group Two at Ascot at 12/1.

How To Bet On The Ascot Horse Racing

Where Can You Bet On the Royal Ascot ?

The Royal Ascot is the longest horse racing event held in the UK that spans over five days of memorable races. It is home to a number of group races that are held each day, with countless contests and competitive handicaps.

There is a surplus of action and betting opportunities. It's your job to make it work to best of your advantage and make the bookies pay for an incredible week of racing.

Here are 6 bookmakers that have released odds for the horses competing. They are split up into the day and event, when the event will be taking place. Your job is to find the right horse and bookmaker to compliment your betting style.

  • William Hill
  • BetFair
  • Bet365
  • Sky Bet
  • Sporting Bet

The Royal Ascot is a highly anticipated racing event by bookmakers and horse racing enthusiasts alike. There are 30 races across the five-day Royal Ascot, which features eight group ones and a further nine group races.

This is one of most coveted racing events in horse racing. Thus, this is a betting opportunity for both punters and bookmakers across the globe.

Keep tabs on any free bets, bonuses and fluctuating odds in the coming days leading up to the Royal Ascot 2017.

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