How to bet on dog races and win: 8 greyhound racing tips for dog race betting

We've shared multiple tips on various sports markets, but to this day we have never talked about how to bet on dog races and win: here's our step-by-step guide!

For all sports today, the betting landscape has changed completely. From intimidating booths at a track they are now available at your fingertip anywhere, anytime.

They have not only improved from an accessibility perspective, but have also improved in terms of value being offered by bookmakers for punters.

From betting markets available, to competitive odds, to sign up bonuses received once placing your first bet with the bookmaker, it is now more attractive to get involved in the betting scene than ever.

Despite all these perks, the vast majority of bettors actually lose money. This is down to two reason; modern bookmakers are very intelligently run and most punters bet without having a game plan.

The sport that we will be providing information on in this article is greyhound races, a sport which is no stranger to the betting scene.

In Australia alone, roughly $4bn is placed in wagers every year just in greyhound racing. Australia is actually banning greyhound racing come 1st July 2017.

Although I do not condone the mistreatment of dogs, I am quite a fan of Greyhound Racing and dog racing betting. I think it’s an exciting sport to watch and find it more interesting than sports such as horse racing.

In this article, we will be explaining must-know terms and providing you with some betting tips on the best way of how to bet on dog races.

Let’s get started and learn how to win at dog racing with our 8 dog betting tips.

How To Bet On Dogs: 8 Types Of Bets Available

How To Bet On Dog Races

First of all. there are two types of prices offered by bookmakers. These are early prices and starting prices, early prices are offered to attract punters in placing an early bet.

If the starting price ends up being better than the initial price you already took, bookmakers now offer punters ‘best odds guaranteed’ which honours punters with the best odds overall.

Now to explain the different types of wagers available for punters for the best way to bet on dog races.

Betting To Win

This will be the easiest bet for me to explain. This is a straightforward bet where the dog you chose wins the race.

For example, If you bet $10 on Dog X who has odds of 3.0, you will win $30.

Betting Each Way On Dogs

An each way bet is essentially two bets on the same dog. Half of your stake will be placed on the dog to win and half of your stake is placed on the dog to be placed.

If your dog wins the race, both bets win. If the dog finishes top 3, you win half of your bet.

Tricast bet

This involves predicting the dogs that will finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the correct order. This is one of the hardest best there is.

Straight Forecast

This is similar to the Tricast bet but punters are required to predict just which dogs will finish 1st and 2nd in the correct order.

Reverse Tricast

This is the same as Tricast except you do not need to predict the order the top 3 dogs place in.

Reverse Forecast

This is the same as a Straight Forecast but bettors are not required to guess the order of the top 2 dogs


This is when multiple bets are placed on a single bet slip, with the amount of possible combinations being endless.

This will result in the highest return but are also hardest type of bet to win, and still for some punters accas are the best way to win at dog racing.

In-Play Betting

This bet type is my personal favourite for all sports. Reason being is that in-play betting puts punters in a much more knowledgeable position to make a prediction than pre-match bets.

In-play betting on dog races constitutes gambling with real-time odds while the event is actually happening.

4 Dog Racing Betting Tips To Follow

Betting Tips To Follow When Betting On Dogs

Look At The Younger Dogs

A great feature about greyhound racing is that underdogs stand a great chance in causing an upset. A dog that still hasn’t raced 20 times yet is still unknown, anyone writing off the dog would be doing a huge mistake.

Therefore, learning about unestablished dogs is one way of how to win dog race betting and will open opportunities at great odds as upsets are bound to occur.

Younger dogs tend to be less jaded and have a faster change of direction than the more experienced dogs.

Specialise In A Certain Track

A mistake most bettors make in all sports is that try become a jack of all trades rather than becoming a specialist in a certain area.

Each track has its own characteristics thus suiting different type of dogs. Go on the stadium's websites and watch the previous races over and over to become an expert at which type of dogs the track suits.

Learn About The Trainers

Although trainers these days have a reputation for not doing much, they still have significant influence over the final outcome.

Just like the dogs, each trainer performs better in certain tracks over others. Study trainers’ record in the track of your interest and use this information to improve your chances of making the correct prediction.

Understand In Running Styles

The administration that organise the races are experts at strategically placing dogs according to their running styles to increase the chances of havoc happening.

Although most punters suffer due to this, it is an opportunity to study these running styles and which ones will be prevailing in certain situations.

Final Words

The following information will provide a foundation on how to bet on dog races if you wish to start a betting venture in greyhound.

I spent years learning how to bet at the dog track and win, and now greyhound racing is one of my personal favourite sports to bet on due it is fast pace and unpredictability.

Reading this article about how to bet on dogs along with experimenting in your free time will act as a great step in your quest in becoming a dog races guru!

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