Horse racing tips for beginners [Complete Guide]

Learn these horse racing tips for beginners for free here and make more money on the next bet you place with this complete step by step beginners guide.

Horse betting can be a bit hard if you are just starting out.

This isn’t like basketball or football so even though there are still favourites you can never really be sure of who is going to win.

This is why you should do some reading before you dive in horse betting.

We are going out on a limb here by speculating you are a newcomer so we are going to help you by providing you some horse racing tips for beginners.

Also here are some horse racing strategies to begin using>>

Betting strategies, how to look at statistics, and many more things that will help you maximize both the chance of winning and your earnings.

horse racing tips for beginners

Horse Racing Tips for Beginners

There are the top categories when betting on horses.

Understand the basics you have to know, the second is some beginner strategies and the third and last one is some advanced betting techniques.

We are going to concentrate on the first two.

1. Recent Winners

Say you have never bet on a horse race before, what would you go for?

Probably the horse with the best odds of winning, the favourite that is.

Well, you could do that but you should know that the top three horses in the predictions and thus the odds win an average of only 33% of the races.

Instead, take a look at which the recent winners are.

2. A Loss After Many Wins

This is one of the best strategies you could use to maximize your chance of winning.

Imagine one of the best horses out there being on a 3 win streak.

Let’s say something happens and it doesn’t finish first in the next race.

The chance of the horse winning the immediately next race is very high.

Due to its loss, the odds may be higher which is also in your favour as you can both win and get more money out of your bet.

The same can go for a relatively good horse which has been on a losing streak of 2-3 consecutive races.

horse racing tips for beginners

3. Relationship With The Jockey

Horses are like dogs.

There may be many people they love but there is only a few people, if not a single one, they consider to be very close with.

One of them is the jockey.

If the horse and the jockey it is running with have taken part in races before and they won then this means that the chemistry between them is excellent.

Check the statistics and if something like that applies then bet on it.

This may sound a bit irrelevant to the outcome of the race but trust us when we say it is not. Don’t believe us?

Then listen to that.

Back in 2003 the horse Makybe Diva and the jockey Glen Boss managed to win the Melbourne Cup, one of the biggest horse races in the world.

This particular couple managed to win the two next consecutive years as well becoming the first ever horse and jockey to achieve that.

There will be tons of horse races in the UK in 2018 more than 1,000 in fact.

Take a look at our article about the 2018 calendar and see which ones you like the most.

Then using this and many other tips we have and will mention next give it a go as you bet on some of them.

4. Bet On The Favorites

Previously we told you it may not be the best idea to bet on the top three horses in the predictions and the odds table.

However, you should always bet on the top 10 as 90% of the races are won by a horse in that bit.

If you match this strategy with the Dutching Formula then you can easily earn a lot of money.

horse racing tips for beginners

5. The Dutching Formula

This is one of the most usual betting strategies a beginner can use not just when starting out but whenever he feels like it.

It is simple to learn but hard to master.

Be aware though, that it requires the use of some math.

It is based on the hypothesis that you have to spread the available bet amount you have to specific selections so that no matter which one of them wins, you will win the exact same amount of money.

However, that doesn’t mean that you will always win as another horse you haven’t bet on may finish in the first place instead of the one you selected in your bet.

First, you calculate the probability of each selection to win.

Let’s say that you want to bet on three horses with odds of 3.00, 4.00, and 5.00.

You will do (1/odd) X 100 which in the first case is (1/3) X 100 = 33.3%.

This is the probability of winning for the first horse.

For the other two selections, the chances are 25% and 20%.

Then you calculate the stakes using this method: (probability of selection/sum of all probabilities) X the total stake.

So for the 4.00 odd and a 20£ total stake, the result would be roughly 6.38£. This will be a different number for each selection.

To calculate your winnings you must use this method: (the stake of each bet X selection odd) – total stake which in the case of the 4.00 odd. So, in this case, it would be (6.38 X 4) – 20 = 5.52£.

If you apply the same method you will see that the result will always be the same.

6. Check All The Bookmakers

This isn’t one of those horse racing tips for beginners like the previous ones we mentioned.

It is more likely to be used in order to maximize your winnings rather than the chance you have of winning.

Choose the best one offered on the horse you want to put your money on and place your bet.

7. Lay Betting

There are many horse racing tips for beginners but one of the best you could use is lay betting.

This is a tactic used by both newcomers and professionals and it can prove to be very profitable for both.

Instead of betting on who is going to win do the exact opposite and bet on those who you believe are going to lose.

This particular betting option can be applied mostly on Exchanges and not the usual bookmaker sites.

Betfair Exchange, for example, is a place you could go on to implement this strategy.

Then change roles and become the bookmaker yourself by letting others bet on the odds you personally have chosen to offer.

Lay betting is a method you can apply in many different ways.

You could do that with a single selection or more, for a horse to not win or not be in the top 3 positions in general. Much more can be applied.

Why don’t you take a look at Bovada for example?

The may not offer lay betting but you can bet on many different horse races with some pretty great odds!

8. Avoid Low-Level Races

You are new to horse racing so we guess you don’t know that there are different levels, classes to be more precise.

The higher ones tend to be more stable as the lower ones don’t get so much exposure in order for statistics and betting sites to pick up on a pattern.

Also, you should always check a horse’s history.

If a horse was demoted from the first to the second division then you should probably bet on it as it most likely is of a higher level than the other horses in its new division.

The same can be applied vice versa.

If a horse just got promoted to a new division then bet against it as the chances of finishing in the top positions of the race are extremely low and also betting companies don’t pay too much attention to statistics like that.

So have the extra edge by implementing this tip in your betting routine and maximize your winnings.

When it comes to horse racing tips for beginners this is a must if you want to increase both your chance of winning and the money you earn.


These are just 8 of the possible hundreds of betting tips you could use to maximize your earnings and chance of winning.

Many bookmakers on the Internet like Bovada, Betfair Exchange, William Hill, Leo Vegas, and much more offer some pretty great odds on a big selection of horse races.

Make sure to read our article on the British horse racing calendar 2018 alongside these horse racing tips for beginners.

Excited for the Kentucky Derby 2019 on 4 May 2019?

The betting part is now up to you.

Good luck!

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