EuroBasket 2022 semi-finals: Germany vs Spain basketball odds favour Die Mannschaft

The German national basketball team are decisive favourites against Spain in the 2022 EuroBasket semi-finals.

With top sports betting sites offering the odds of 1.54 (27/50 Fractional; -185 American) on Die Mannschaft and the odds of 2.65 (33/20; +165) on La Roja. Chances are 63% against 37%, favouring the Germans.

On their way to the EuroBasket 2022 semis, the German team won over Greece (107-96) in the quarter-finals and over Montenegro in the Round of 16 (85-79). In the tournament group stage, Die Mannschaft amassed nine points and finished second, next to Slovenia.

The Spaniards are among the best European basketball nations, however the bookies favour the German national basketball team who are playing the EuroBasket 2022 on their home turf.

On their way to the semis, the Spanish team topped Finland in the quarter-finals (100-90) and Lithuania in the Round of 16 (102-94). In the EuroBasket 2022 group stage, Spain finished first with nine points.

The current spread for the Germany vs Spain matchup is -4.5 and +4.5 with the probability being approximately equal, while the over under total margin stands at 168.5.

Touching on Germany vs Spain basketball H2H, La Roja eliminated Die Mannschaft (84-78) in the quarter-final of the 2017 EuroBasket.

The Germany vs Spain semi-final match in the EuroBasket 2022 will start at 6.30 pm GMT.

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