9 best sports betting books you should read before you bet

If you're interested in betting on sports, then you need to learn the craft first. We have compiled a list of the best sports betting books that will see your strategies improve.

Online sports betting in the past decade has spread rapidly. As the demand for online betting grows rapidly so too does the need for information worldwide. Betting companies and bettors are ready to soak in as much information they can in order to help them understand the market thoroughly and hopefully turn in a profit.

You could easily read information online, but with the best books on sports betting, you’re guaranteed to receive advice and tips by proven professionals in the industry. We are looking at information that will truly be of use and will keep on being valuable throughout time. We have compiled a list of the top sports betting books worldwide. A football betting book from an established author will guarantee advice and tips proven by experts in the industry. Be sure to invest your time and in turn, you will surely turn in a profit.

‘Gambling Wizards’: Conversations with the World’s Greatest Gamblers’ By Richard Munchkin

Being one of the world's best sports gambling books, 'Gambling Wizards' starts off by explaining how he made his way through college by playing backgammon for money. The book proceeds in describing his experience throughout his betting life, it includes a blackjack dealer, a Vegas pit boss and also a TV producer. One of his most well-known accomplishments is Gambling Wizards.

Along with Munchkin’s intuitive betting advice, his book also includes conversations with the one-time resident backgammon player at the Playboy Mansion, a consecutive WSOP champion and also an exclusive interview with a worldly renowned race bettor! Apart from this book offering better insight into the betting world it also presents invigorating candid conversations that are both educations and entertaining.

‘The Man with the $100,000 Breasts: and Other Gambling Stories’ by Michael Konik

This top reading, being one of the best books on sports betting, aims to offer the reader a glimpse into the truly unique world of betting. Konik perfectly chronicles the high roller, the debased gamblers and the sports betting hustlers in between.

From cover to cover this book is riddled with unbelievable stories of various high profile bettors and most importantly the paths they chose to get there. The author highlights betting tips for any level bettor and provides the reader with that competitive edge you’ve been looking for all along.

If you are looking to add a sports betting book to your library, which will surely be welcome when it comes to turning in a profit, this one is for you!


‘Fixed-Odds Sports Betting’ by Joseph Buchdahl

Adopting a more formal tone, this book is not a light read. Take your time, and ingest everything that it has to offer. This book is intended for the more disciplined bettor and a staple for a sports betting enthusiast. Do not bother with this book if you are not an avid bettor, here you will get into the nitty-gritty of the subject.

Joseph Buchdal covers the concepts needed to build your sports betting foundation. He goes to extensive lengths to give you all the detail needed explaining a guide to staking, bankroll-building tips amongst other topics which you most probably won’t find anywhere else.

If your intent is to meticulously review your betting system whilst also maximising the power of your bankroll than a copy of Buchdal’s book is an easy decision. Find value in just about any sports market and implement the author’s tips in your daily bets.

This book also gives insight on prediction and how to go about it, so be sure to check it out!

‘Lay the Favourite’ by Beth Raymer

Beth Raymer wrote this book after spending 4 consecutive years as pay and collect agent for a bookie.

This book is considered more of a memoir and through it, you will get a clear insight into the sports betting world which may come across to some people more like an abyss. If you are looking for a book dedicated to the more darker side of the sports betting industry than this book is just for you.

An interesting note, this betting book is the only one on this list that was later made into a film.

‘Mathletics’ by Wayne L. Winston

Wayne L. Winston is a business professor by trade. He is an MIT - educated operations research specialist who also happens to be the producer of one of the most unparalleled sports betting texts yet to be written.

In his work called ‘Mathletics’, for sure one of the best sports betting books, Winston provides the reader with a delightful yet educational read. As the title of the book suggests, the author applies mathematics into the betting game in order to increase your chances of winning. L. Winston wrote this book in a manner that can be understood by all, so don’t worry about not understanding because everything is explained thoroughly.

He reviews various sports such as baseball, basketball, football to explain maths concepts. Whether you happen to be a novice at betting or you’ve been betting for the past decade you will surely be grateful for Winston’s statistics and probability details.

The author also moves on to debunk various long-standing sports betting beliefs and the truth to debunk them all.

‘The Signal & the Noise’ by Nate Silver

This book goes over and beyond betting. Nate Silver in his book writes his own history as the writer behind the popular blog ‘FiveThirtyEight’

‘The Signal & the Noise’ turns its attention on predictions but what’s different is that Silver backs up his explanations with actual real-life examples. This book is a recommended tool in your sports betting education.

This text is a smooth transition into concepts relating to probability and risk. He explains why it is so challenging to predict the outcomes of our bets. This should also be your go-to book for a thorough education about predictions in sports betting

‘Sharp Sports Betting’ by Stanford Wong

Amongst bettors and bookmakers, this book is regarded as a classic and one of the best sports gambling books. This is unarguably a must-read for any bettor who is honestly willing to invest. This book is the sports betting bible, and upon reading it you will soon find out why.

It is long, and for some that may be disheartening but give it a chance. If you are familiar with the basics then you can skim past the first few chapters and get into the heavier stuff. This betting book covers everything there needs to be on sports betting.


‘Conquering Risk: Attacking Vegas and Wall Street' by Elihu Feustel and George Howard

This book has changed the game and the way we view sports betting. This is due to the successful strategies in the industry when it comes to conquering risk.

George Howard is a psychology professor and Elihu Feustel is a professional bettor and gambler hence you can expect that you are getting a detailed book written both from a psychological perspective and having them backed up by someone who is actually making a profit in betting.

This book might not be the best choice for beginners so we suggest starting with a different book if you are just starting out.

'Mathematics in Games, Sports and Gambling' by Ronald J. Gould Review

Similar to our previous mention regarding mathematics, this sports betting book applies theory to increase profits in games and sports. The reading will reveal a lot about calculating statistics and probabilities of betting.

The writer claims that readers will only need to know the basics of algebra to understand the book. Some of the topics covered in the book are counting, distributions, discrete mathematics, data analysis, averages, combinatorics, bonuses, probability and others.

Ronald J. Gould writes in a very easy and flowing manner so understanding the book should not that much of a challenge. The writer uses examples from real-life situations in sports.

Final Words

If you’re searching for a strategy, clearer gambling insights or understanding sports markets better, than these books on betting are sure to guide you through.

Grab the best sports betting book for you and take a break, invest some time into research and you will reap the benefits quickly because you will start betting in a much smarter manner. These football betting books and other works offer advice unlike no other and they are backed up by the author’s reputations.

Undoubtedly there are several other books you could read about sports betting but one thing we’re sure of is that this list will most definitely give you that boost you might have been looking for all along.

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