5 bookmakers with exceptionally high betting and deposit limits

Looking for bookmakers to suit your high roller status? Here are 5 kickass bookmakers with exceptionally high limits which you can use for big wins and bets. These 5 bookies are checked by our team and they'e reputable and acknowledged - they can be trusted as they have very secure methods in place.

As any bettor knows, sports betting can be an extremely lucrative hobby. The online sports industry has grown aggressively over the past few years. Offering punters of any kind to try their luck and put their betting skills to test on any kind of bet.

With bookmakers sprouting from all corners of the web, finding the right one for you has never been easier.

In the snap of your fingers, you can sign up to a bookmaker and begin betting as soon as you deposit money into your account.

The reason sports betting is such a thriving industry is due to its versatility and being able to constantly adapt to the punters' needs. This has, in turn, attracted sports bettors to set higher betting limits on their wagers. Thus the bookmakers with exceptionally high limits. Finding these bookmakers is crucial to the success of your next big bet.

The majority of sportsbook cater to the smaller scale types of bets, averaging around $500 or less.

We had a look at the 5 bookmakers with the highest limits for those punters who are looking to cash out on bets worth $10,000 or more. We will also highlight the high deposit limits that are available with these bookmakers.

Pinnacle Sports Betting

The Pinnacle Sports Betting brand represents the top-level punters. Those who are looking for a bookmaker with high limits in sports betting. The bookmaker's site features the highest maximum limit for almost every sport.

All the North American sports have a $50,000 limit on the Major League Baseball games and events. There is $20,000 limit on NBA games and $30,000 on the NFL season.

Pinnacle Sports also ensures that every bet with the best odds has a limit of $5,000 or more. It’s important to mention that Pinnacle Sports also has depositing limits in place that are as high, limits of $50,00 per transaction.

5Dimes Sports Betting

As we discussed in our latest review, this bookmaker has no regional limits. For this reason and so much more, it is perfect for those bettors who are searching for a bookmaker with higher limits and no regional restrictions. Making it accessible to any punter residing in any country.

At 5Dimes sports betting, they have set the limit for all the major sports events online at $5,000.


The next bookmaker which made our list for the 5 bookmakers with exceptionally high limits is Bodog. This bookmaker sets its high betting limits depending on the sports you have chosen to place a wager on. They also take into account the type of bet for the given sports example, the spread, total, money line, totals, parlays or teasers.

The highest payout for any single bet is $100,000.

William Hill

William Hill is an esteemed bookmaker within the betting industry. Known to have some of the best competitive odds and a stellar reputation. William Hill has significantly high limits than most of the bookmakers you are familiar with.

The have set their limits based on the amount won by any punter within a 24-hour period within the sports market. They also accept withdrawals methods that support larger kinds of transactions. William Hill accepts deposits of up to $20,000 and with wire transfers, the limit is even higher.

Bookmaker Sports

Bookmaker Sports Betting online is another bookmaker we highly recommend if you need a sportsbook that has a high limit on bets. The site uses a $5,000 maximum limit on any individual wagers that are made online.

What’s more is that punters can place wagers worth up to $20,000 through the bookmaker over the phone. Should you desire to place a larger bet you will need to seek the approval of the manager for the transaction to be approved.

Bettors are usually capped at $10,000 for wagers made on the Major League Baseball/MLB events and the National Basketball Association/NBA. National Football League/NFL events are set at a $20,000 limit.

Which Bookmaker To Choose For The High Limits?

Whether you’re looking for a bookmaker with high limits or maximum deposits, these bookmakers with exceptionally high limits have it all.

No need to hassle about bookmakers that can be trusted with bigger bets. These bookmakers have secure methods in place and are reputable within the betting industry.

Next time you place a large wager on a particular sporting event online, choose one of these bookmakers for the best odds and simple transactions.

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